Enhance That Red. By L.V. I Love Hair!

Is your red hair looking flat or dull?  Are you looking for that one special product to help keep your locks fiery and fierce?  I have just the product for you.

Davines’ Alchemic red shampoo!  It is designed to gently cleanse red or mahogany hair, while intensifying natural or permanent hair color.

The special formula, enriched with milk proteins and vitamins has a deep nourishing and moisturizing effect that will leave your hair soft and silky.

Apply the shampoo onto wet hair and massage through gently.  After rinsing thoroughly, use Alchemic red conditioner to help maintain the brilliance and shine of your hair.

Letting the product sit in your hair while you wash your body will help deposit that bit of red hue to help keep your hair looking radiant.

I’ve seen this product used on salon clients with naturally red and color treated hair, and I love the product.  I think you will too.

To book an appointment or a complimentary consultation, contact Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I love hair!



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