Lovin’ That Hair! By Roger Garcia. I Love Hair!

While reviewing Fall 2012 hair trends, I came across two looks that are the most simple, yet absolutely chic.  These two looks, after careful consideration, are sure to make your styling efforts easier.

The first is a sleek side parting which was huge at Diane Von Furstenberg and Christian Dior runway.  It seems the short-lived days of center parted big voluminous hair are numbered.  The look is pretty easy to accomplish, and can be worn from day to night.  Start by identifying which side your face has the softest features.  By softest features I’m referring to the side of your face that the jawbone is slightly rounded.  It can also be identified by which side of the face the cheekbone is a little bit more defined on.  Once you’ve done this try parting your hair right above the arch of the eyebrow on that side.  Doing this will automatically open your face up, and draw more attention to your amazing bone structure.  From here you can go in many directions, but the two I recommend are either pulling hair tightly into a low bun, or do as Dior did, and do a low sleek pony.

The next look which has to be my favorite, were the beautiful fringes displayed at Versace.  They were done so elegantly, that any woman at any age can most certainly pull this look off.  The great thing about getting a fringe is the amazing framework is does for a woman’s face.  A fringe when done correctly can open a face up and leave it exposed as a blank canvas. As far as heights on fringes go the most popular trend right now seems to be for them to be worn an inch above brow level. This is sure to make a dramatic and bold statement.

Both of these looks are great on their own, but what’s a great look if it doesn’t have hold through out the day.  Try Glam Power Hairspray by Davines.  It’s pretty amazing, it’ll give you a great hold throughout your day, but also allows you to make any adjustments without flaking up or causing unnecessary frizz.

To book a hair appointment or complimentary consultation, contact Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!


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