Get the Solution! By Roger Garcia. I Love Hair!

Breakouts happen to the best of us.  It’s only normal to get a whitehead here or there.  Many things we hardly even notice in our day-to-day routine cause these little monsters to come up at the worst times.

Living in the NYC area, the air itself is filled with so many toxins.  It’s a surprise we don’t have many more breakouts.  I know what you’re thinking…  I use a cleanser; I moisturize, and use sunblock!!  Is that enough?

Consider what your putting on your hair.  There are many products out that definitely get the job done, giving the strongest hold imaginable, and an infinite supply of shine.  Yeah, it’s all great for your hair at that moment, but when you go to cleanse your hair, are you really getting it all out?

Some store bought products take multiple shampoos to truly get all the ick and residue out.  But, sometimes due to a busy lifestyle we think it’s all really cleansed.  Here begins the craziness.  Your head hits the pillow with these excess residues and oils, as your sleeping when your skin is rejuvenating, and trying to squeeze out any impurities.  You toss and turn, causing that once amazing product to really do some damage.  This excess product on your pillow can actually clog pores, as I said before this is when your skin is really taking in the most oxygen and really healing itself (this is why night creams are really effective).

A couple of great solutions to this problem are periodically changing your pillowcases.  Also, you can try using a clarifying shampoo once a week.  It really gets the job done removing product build up, and completely refreshes your scalp and hair.  I suggest using it along with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

To book a hair appointment or complimentary consultation, contact Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!


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