UV Workin’ It! By Roger Garcia. I Love Hair!

It seems like summers just beginning, and already so many New Yorkers are ready to go with their base tans.  I myself am guilty of loving to lie out on a beautifully manicured lawn or sun deck.  But are we even considering what the amazing sun is actually doing to our hair?

Much like over exposure to sunlight can cause skin to have premature brown spots, lose elasticity, and sometimes even cause skin cancer, over exposure to direct sunlight without proper protection from harsh UV rays can cause some crazy damage to our luscious locks.

There are many ways to make sure you’re taking proper action against sun damaged, brittle ends and weird fadage.

The first would probably be to explore on the shampoo and conditioner frontier.  There are so many products out right now that actually have an amazing form of sunscreen mixed in to protect your hair throughout the day.

Now if your an active kind of gal or guy, and shampoo everyday to every other day, I would recommend picking up a really good leave in conditioner mist.  There are many of these conditioners out there that literally feel weightless on your hair regardless of how many times you apply.  Carry the product in your bag and a good sign of when to apply is when you feel your skin is in direct contact with sunlight for over 20 minutes, mist away.  Carry it with you everywhere and you’ll be sure to prevent excess dryness and brittleness to your ends.  Also, keep in mind that if it’s a really good conditioning mist, it’ll also hydrate your skin.  Which means carry it everywhere you go this summer!  Happy Tanning!

To book a hair appointment or a complimentary consultation, contact Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!



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