“Good Enough” Is Not Enough. By Ericka Rosero. I Love Hair!

Life doesn’t always go the way we expect it to.  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that will be “good”, but not necessarily what will make us happy.

Most of the time it is easiest to settle with what we’ve had and go on without facing the fact that change is necessary to take us to true happiness.  Nobody ever said change in life is easy, but the rewards you get if you do it are worth the effort.

Once you are ready to truly take control of your life you are no longer willing to settle for “good enough”.

The truly happy people out there are not the ones that had everything handed to them.  They are the ones who refuse to settle.  They are the ones who never stopped trying no matter how hard things got.

The ones who proudly stand up, and have the courage to make changes and say, “I will not settle for good enough” are the ones who succeed.

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