The Look of Summer. By Roger Garcia. I Love Hair!

It has become very apparent to me that with the intense climb in temperature also comes a dire need for solutions in styling.  Although many women that have close to shoulder length hair have opted to just simply “go shorter”, what about the rest of you?

Scrunchies … Are definitely out of the question!  If your in need for something quick and easy I would recommend using nylon hair bands.  Try using these bands instead of scrunchies or even rubber bands.  They will offer just as tight of a hold throughout your day without causing unnecessary  breakage to your beautiful locks.

Keep in mind that if your unpleased by the color of the band, simply take out a small section from the existing ponytail and wind it around the band.  Securing it into place with the appropriate pin.

From here you can quickly transform a simple low slung ponytail into a tousled messy up-do that doesn’t necessarily require expert hands to create.

Start by taking individual sections from the pony rather then keep them smooth, either work with the natural wave or slightly tease the ends a little.  Teasing the ends will actually help in the following step which is to wind that section around the existing band and using a couple of pins to secure the ends tightly.  Continue with the rest of your pony, until it’s all up.

As a personal touch I like to go back and fan out some individual strands, causing some texture to come through.  If your looking for a smoother look just skip that step and finish with a hairspray that will get the job done, without leaving you a crunchy mess.

If you’ve properly secured the bun you shouldn’t have any problems,  if your using this as a night time styling aid.  I would recommend using a simple headband to prevent any fly aways from making an apperance.

To book a hair appointment or a complimentary consultion, call Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!



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