More Than Just A Pretty Face. By Arleen Quinones. I Love Hair!

The concept of “pretty” has an interesting role in society today.  When given a choice, almost all of us would entirely prefer a pretty option over an ugly one.  We would rather drive a pretty car and live in a pretty house.  Beauty products have a huge market and advertising agencies have been throwing pretty things our way for quite some time now.  Clearly we place some level of value on something being pretty.  But attraction is certainly not a trump card in our decision process for buying products of using a service.

Therefore quality matters as well, especially when it comes to using products for our skin and hair.  Working in the beauty industry for over 15 years I have learned that it’s not just about the “pretty” presentation.  We have to educate ourselves about the products and their content, and sometimes not just invest a lot of money in just the look because of advertisements out there.  Ultimately, it’s when we buy products or use services not only based on the “pretty factor” or look, but the quality as well that matters.



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