Dust It, Miracle Powder. By Claudia Weldon. I Love Hair!

Are you always struggling to maintain volume in your hairstyle?  Try Dust It, by Schwarzkopf Professionals.

This matte powder provides excellent volume and control without weighing the hair down or giving it a greasy sheen.  Dust It will give your hair that “second day” look and feel instantly.

To get maximum root lift, apply on dry hair, taking sections and sprinkling a small amount at the root in areas where you desire volume.  Then shake your hair up to activate the powder.  You’ll be left with nice volume and control that is movable.  If you feel through the day that your hair is becoming limp, just re-tousle it to keep the volume going.

For an all over messy look on short hair, sprinkle a liberal amount into your palm and rub hands together.  Run your hands through your hair and arrange to your liking.

This product is a great wizard for limp lifeless hair.  Come in and try it out!

To book a hair appointment or complimentary consultation, contact Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!



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