Fall Trends. By Roger Garcia. I Love Hair!

I absolutely love fall in the city, it’s the one time of the year when you can wear two contradictory items of clothing and make it work by throwing a biker jacket and some shades on.  Although I myself sometimes like to pull a Ash & Mary Kate and pile up all the layers, it’s gets a confusing with trying to make things work for our body types and keeping in mind out own personal style.

One must have this season that seem to be BIG are the oversized coats that have been seen for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and even Donna Karen’s more tailored wear to work look.  These coats are absolutely perfect in the sense that you no longer have to pile on those crazy amounts of layers.  Which gives you a bigger advantage at wearing something form fitting underneath.  The unveiling of the outfit as you take off one of these beautiful coats of is amazing.  And if you like attention as much I as do, you’ll appreciate the stares.

If you’re not feeling the oversized coat trend then opt for the complete opposite my favorite year round, the classic motorcycle jacket.  Bally have done some amazingly beautiful Jackets with amazing embellishments to die for.  Wearing one of these jackets allow for all your curves to accentuated especially with the belt buckle.  If your looking or a lore classic motorcycle jacket then go straight for the Original Schotts Motorcycle Jacket, my absolute favorite.

If all this leather is too hardcore for you and you prefer something a little subtler, Valentino recently debuted the Valentino Garavani line, which is absolutely marvelous.  This collection includes many crystal trimmed leather goods including some of my favorite, the crystal trimmed leather gloves.



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