Raising Eyebrows BY: Rogar Garcia I LOVE HAIR

Raising Eyebrows!

Most recently while reading about current fads that have women buzzing.  I ran into an article that stated that due to new developments women will now be able to have an elective eyebrow replacement surgery.  Having been blessed with an amazing brow shape I barely tampered with waxing and tweezing in the 90’s.  But it seems some people may have overdone it to the point that they have barely there brows.
Up until recently there were few options to achieve a fuller looker brow.  The most cost effective and flattering way was to purchase an amazing brow pencil and slightly shading in, some of my personal favs are from the Armani and Nars collections.
I have to say that I have grown very fond of the thicker brow, I personally had a bad experience and vowed to never wax again.  But while in LA for my cousins wedding I decided I needed something to be done .. The wedding is outdoors and I can’t bring myself to see a photograph which suggests and unshaped brow.
I decided to have them threaded, and I must admit it was the best thing I could’ve done while out here.  Threading is an Indian an middle eastern form or hair removal which is done by a basic thread two hands and a persons mouth.  I was kinda grossed out by it myself for quite some time but if done by an experienced person I’m sure professionalism and good sanitizing is promised.
The results are amazing you basically get a crisper and cleaner brow line.  The number one benefit of threading is that it promises to last longer than primitive waxing because of the precision and accurate hair removal from the follicle.  The downside is that it is pretty painful,  if you are used to having lip and brows done bi weekly you should be fine. – I LOVE HAIR
If you would like to book an appoinment please contact Cristiano Cora Studio (212) 414-1333

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