How important are Tones?! … Roger Garcia .. I LOVE HAIR!!!

With winter already in full effect, and all of the crazy weather we have been having its hard to think that maybe we’ve started to isolate ourselves.  I know I have, I recently started wearing as many layers as I could find.  Because I have been wearing I hat so frequently it seems I haven’t really kept on track with my hair color.  As many of you you already ready know i am a blond, but tend to change the tone very frequently … its actually a quick and easy process which takes all of 20-25 minutes.

What many woman do not realize is that changing the tone of hair is possible on on shade of hair, from brunette to blond.  These quick fixes come in the form of color glazes, which are not permanent, will not leave you a line of demarcation, and approximately will last you 8 weeks (depending on frequently you shampoo).  Matching your natural hair color we can then go in and throw in a little bit more of gold if you wanted something warmer or if you were looking to tone down some warmth we could alter our formula by adding some cooler tones.

The possibilities are endless and if your looking for a  non committal type of hair color this would be great.  Even if its just to brighten you up a bit for the upcoming holiday festivities, or maybe just even out some irregular fad-age that has occurred, Glazes are definitely the solutions!

Call to schedule a quick consultation and see what other options you may have!

By Roger Garcia



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