KATE & BANGS … I LOVE HAIR … Roger Garcia

Today the whole world is buzzing about Kate Middletons new layered do and beautiful side wept bangs, I thought it would be great time to talk about the amazing transformation she has gone through in the last couple of months.  It is my opinion that when Kate was first introduced to us as Williams choice, her team must have thought of going for a girl next door with fuss free natural looking hair, just so she could be more relatable to us as a whole.  And it worked, I personally thought her styling was always on point, and never to drastic for the future Queen.

But with the recent transformation the whole world seems to be captivated by gorgeous cut and color.  It is no secret a good side swept bang can sex up anyone in need of a little excitement in their life, I’m sure William won’t mind.  What the overall look has actually done for her is given her a larger variety of styles to choose from.  Looking back at her styling from multiple events her hair was always the same, very little volume with soft waves down the front and curls on the bottom.  I grew bored after a while.  But after debuting her new look at London’s Natural History Museum on Tuesday, I am very sure that we’ll be seeing a lot more variety for upcoming events.Picture 2


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