Woman Wears Pants to Church by Arnulfo Garcia … I LOVE HAIR!!!

Starting last month, Mormon women all over the world have gradually taken a stand against gender inequality.  These brave women have started wearing pants to church on Sunday.  This movement was started by a select few and has grown to a full blown feminist movement via social media.

Officially, there is no policy against women wearing pants to the Mormon church.  But after years of following rigid gender roles, these women have felt the pressure to wear dresses only to avoid reprimand or ridicule.

The courageous few who wore pants did more than just raise voices and eyebrows.  They have opened a means of communication both positive but mostly negative.  There have been reports of dirty looks, plenty of nasty comments and some have even received threats of death.  All this commotion just for the plain desire to worship in the comfort of pants.

The fight for equality is always long and arduous.  Eventually, displeased Mormons will have to get used to the elegantly dressed ladies wearing all the latest designer pants.  After all, you should always wear your Sunday best to your house of worship.

 PETER LINDBERGH Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Brooklyn, New York, 1990 black and white fashion shoot 90s supermodels

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