Hot Styling Tips for Staying Warm This Winter by Lola Lorraine … I LOVE HAIR!!!!



NYC Winter Hair Conundrum: How can Glam Gals maintain gorgeous styles all winter long without catching cold??? These style-savvy tips, make the solution as simple as 1, 2, 3!!!!


1)   The first key to success is the right product regimen! Just like our skin, hair requires more moisture during winter months, because there’s more static electricity & less humidity in the air. Radiator heat also has dehydrating effects, which can leave hair dry and tangle-prone. I recommend Schwarzkopf’s BC OIL POTION, which comes in 2 textures: Light & Heavy.  Both products are wonderfully versatile, because they can be liberally scrunched into wet hair, or used in smaller amounts as a finishing serum. I personally adore the “Light” BC OIL POTION, because it’s never greasy or overburdening, even on very fine textures.


Whereas long tresses need extra moisture to soothe and smoothe snarled ends, hat-head can lead to flat-head, as well as oily roots…Ugggh!!! Not to mention, that washing every day requires blow-drying every day, because it’s not healthy to freeze outside with wet hair! I suggest REFRESH DUST, By Schwarzkopf OSIS, a light-weight, spray-in dry shampoo. Because, it builds volume and texture, in addition to absorbing oil.  (With REFRESH DUST, I can easily get a 2nd and even 3rd day of Rockin’ style before I shampoo the Doo anew. And it really seems to brighten up my blond too, an added bonus!!!)


2)   The next tip I learned from my little Ol’ Granny. (Because, back in the day, when wet sets  and rollers were in, women knew how to make their styles last for DAYS!) I start out by applying a volumizing serum called BODY ME by OSIS, before blowdrying my upside-down head to achieve root-lift. This can be done quickly and with fingers, but make sure hair is completely dry. Then, with a large-barrel curling iron, curl the whole head and clip the uplifted curls into place. Finally, with the style set in, I can put on a kerchief or scarf and hood. When I get to where I’m goin’, I just shake the curls loose and enjoy my beautiful waves….Voila!!!


3)   And finally, for mornings so bitter cold that it’s impossible to venture forth sans hat, I recommend another classic technique: THE PINCURL.  After blow-drying, simply divide head into big sections, & swirl the hair into large pincurls. (The effect is meant to be soft and sexy, so they don’t have to be too neat or tight. Just make sure that hair is sweeping away from the face  – think Farrah Fawcett formations!) Once you’ve clipped your curls in place, you can put your knit cap on over everything. (the hat will actually help set the hair and keep the waves in place. When the hat and clips are removed, the hair will fall in soft, sexy touseled waves, instead of ugly, flat hat-head!  So Fabulous!!!!!BC_Oil_Miracle_Range_01Picture 8Picture 9


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