Violets in January By Kelly Rowe I LOVE HAIR!!!!

Picture 1January is a great month to try something different with your hair, it’s a New Year and its a great time to spice up your look.

In the winter a lot of people deepen the color of their hair or cool the tone, a great way to add change is to the use the super hot color of violet. Violet is not only wearable on almost any hair color it can totally change your look to be more romantic, edgy, or mysterious all depending on how you make it suit your style. Great ways to utilize this color is as accent pieces in different variations of violet to play up your current haircut, you can totally reinvent the style without having to cut it again. Another great way to use violet is by taking the ever so popular ombré trend and using violet tone other than the more usual blondes or reds. Violets go great with cool toned hair, and can make great contrasting pieces in warmer hair to really stand out.

Your style totally dictates how you want to embrace this bold trend. Layers can be accented by differing tones of violets, geometric and futuristic cuts can come alive with bold punchy pieces of purple, curls and waves can turn into cascading wintery and icy pieces, and soft long hair can be given a romantic twist with more subtle tones.There are some great options for those that aren’t ready to commit to such a vibrant color on a more permanent level, like trying and testing different shades using a product like hair chalk or soft pastels. These are great choices who want to try new trends and just have a temporary wash-out change. How you decide to approach this trend is totally up to you, but it is a definite hot style to try now in January.

Some things to remember these styles can take a little bit of maintenance so make us you are using color safe shampoos and conditioners, and to follow any advice given to you by your stylist!


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