New Year, New You, New HAIR … by Roger Garcia .. I LOVE HAIR!!!!!

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Its only been a couple of weeks into the new year and already I have been victim to many resolutions.  But out of all these wonderful little promises I have yet to hear that someone is going to try and be a little bit more considerate of their HAIR!!!
Hair is just as important as any of other features.  Yet we often purpose to lose a couple of extra pounds, but never purpose to try and condition more often.
In theory the healthier we are, the better our skin nails and even hair will appear.  But what about the already dried aged limp hair, that exists on our beautiful little heads.
Should we just take clippers out and be done with the misery?  I purpose a gentler approach.  At home treatments!
 For a while at home conditioning treatments haven’t really been as effective for lack of a dome dryer.  But now with all of this fabulous technology and formulation by the Schwarzkopf team, you too can hydrate on your own at home.
There are 5 treatments to choose from and each cater to specific needs.  If your nervous about any type of application just ask for it as an add on your next visit.    These treatments are so effective that you’ll see and feel the results immediately.
By Roger Garcia

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