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Pastel Shades to Dye for .. This SPRING!!! by Lola Lorraine … I LOVE HAIR!!!!

W Korea March 2012 7th Anniversary Jang Hyun Hong Louis Vuitton pastel 1 vogue-pastel-hair

Pastel colored locks glow white-hot as the most ethereal hair trend of
Spring 2013. Seems like so many celebrities and fashionistas want to
show off this ultra-glam look. We suddenly see it in ALL the fashion
magazines and on this season’s hottest runways. After all, what
delicate hues suggest spring blossoming into our glamour palette more
beautifully than gorgeous pastels?
Due to recent advances in permanent hair color pigments, we now have
the sweetest array of cotton candy colors to offer. As if sugar-spun
from pure, fun fantasy, these revolutionary new colors are now
wearable with beautiful longevity, without shedding like previous
semi-permanent formulas. This is truly the stuff that dreams are made
of: Soft lavender lilac, blushing pink, and robins’ egg blue.  Whether
as a flirty peek-a-boo, or all-over statement, these sassy shades are
for post-modern Girly-girls with a with a rebellious edge.
AND for chic sophisticates who want a Spring Color fling, but can’t
pull off wearing the easter egg shades, try rose-gold with just a
subtle, sweet kiss of cotton candy or shimmer of champagne. We’ve seen
gorgeous pastel looks debuted by so many Celebs already, and candy
pastels will sweeten many more  luscious looks this style season. Get
a head start on this trend to put some spring in your step, because
March is just around the corner!


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Hair Romance .. By Katelyn Eller .. I LOVE HAIR!!!!

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Valentines day is right around the corner. Ladies why don’t we spice it up for the special holiday. We all know that the “bob hairstyle” is looked at as outdated, but the good news is that it has a future too! You can make it you’re own!! Not only can a bob be edgy and modern, but it can also be the hottest haircut of 2013. lets bring it back!! It can be classic and feminine too. If you’re thinking about saying goodbye to your long hair, there’s no time but now! Short hair is in-style,sexy, and easy! Let’s all surprise our partners just in time for valentines day! A lot of people think you can’t do much with short hair, but you can do much. WEAR THE HAIR,DON’T LET IT WEAR YOU. You can have straight, curly, or wavy hair with a bob, and you can wear it many ways! Having a short cut like a bob also gives you opportunities of playing around with colour! Panels,highlights, and crazy colour can be added to any bob.
Make it you’re own. Come on ladies !! Let’s get straight and sleek for a romantic day coming up!!   Let’s see what your hats have been hiding, let’s cut some hair !! 

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Synch It Up … By Horace Steveson III … I LOVE HAIR!!!!


It doesn’t matter if you are a 49’ers fan or a newly converted fan of the Ravens, you are sure in for a treat at the XLVII Superbowl.  Although there are four quarters of action packed football, the most anticipated play is the one at halftime.  Hold on to your seats there will be no lip synch here.  Beyonce will be ready to belt out for all the single ladies and the suga mama’s.  It doesnt stop there she is coming as a triple threat with Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams as they take us to outer space with their new single NUCLEAR.  At the end of the show whether its San Francisco or Baltimore victory all of the love is surely to be on TOP.

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Advanced Cutting & Color Class Schedule!!!! I LOVE HAIR!!!!


Luxury Hair Technology

Advanced cutting & Color is taught at Cristiano’s studio in Union Square, Manhattan. In this class, Cristiano, his colorist, and Schwarzkopf Professional Master Trainer will reference key architecture, design and fashion images to help you create a complete image utilizing both the technical and creative aspects of cutting and color.

Cristiano will work with guests as individuals, on level of experience. At the end of the class, you will return to your salon having learned how one technique can be transformed into multiple styles. From basic to the latest techniques in hair craft, the Cristiano Cora studio is a place for stylists to cultivate their art through an open system of hair education inspired by design, architecture and fashion.

Call to reserve your chair! 1800 707 9997  Ext. 5449

2013 Class Schedule

February 11th

March 18th

April 15th

May 13th

June 17th

July 15th

August 12th

September 16th

October 14th

November 11th

December 9th


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