Chalk it up!! by. Kelly Rowe I LOVE HAIR!!!!!!!

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Chalk isn’t just for sidewalks and blackboards anymore!

Afraid of commitment to bright, colorful, or even rainbow hair, but looking for something fun for the night? Hair chalking is a great way to experiment without the worry that you are stuck with something that may not be appropriate for all occasions. This is not your everyday chalk but works the same as it just washes out in one to two shampoos maximum depending on the porosity your hair. You can obtain bright ombré, colored highlights, or just a couple accents to show your wild side. To chalk your hair you will need to purchase a hair chalk from a beauty store, some brands are Hair Color Chalk and Color Bug. Another option is to use soft pastels, again soft pastels not oil pastels, as they will stain your hair from your local art store.

Hair chalking is easy, it’s as simple as basically “coloring” on your hair. Applying the chalk to dry hair will make it temporary, if you want it to last through a couple more shampoos you can apply to damp hair. If this is your first time asking your stylist to show you how to apply, blend colors, and style to make it look fabulous and evenly applied. This is great to add to a blowout for a fun night out.

Tips to remember:

If your hair is overly porous from lightening or damage of any sort the chalk may stay in for a little bit longer than 1-2 shampoos.

After chalk is applied make sure you wash hair before sleeping or you will end up with a rainbow of colors on your pillow.

When applying chalk expect that it will make somewhat of a mess so make sure you have gloves, a draping for yourself, and dark towel.


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