Straight Lines .. by Roger Garcia .. I LOVE HAIR!!!!


The ever evolving trends seem to change drastically over night.  Not to long ago, a more de structured textured look was the it look, which still can be for the right person.  But alas the days are numbered and women are going for more blunted less layered styles.

What does this mean?  It means simplicity!  Easy beautiful effortless hair that will look good regardless of your styling preference.  I, myself can appreciate a beautifully worked layer cut more than anyone else.
But what it comes down is what the hair will actually look like when you leave the salon and stand in your bathroom trying to re create what has been done.
Sure there are products that can help you along the way, but if your searching for something that is just simple, do not be afraid to ask for it!
Salon visits can be intimidating enough as it is, and sometimes going with your gut on what feel would be best for hair is the best choice.

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