Beachy Hair … by Kelly Rowe .. I LOVE HAIR!!!!

With the weather warming up we are all looking towards the upcoming summer. One of the great aspects of summer is the great textured beachy looks we can achieve with little to no work. Texture and less structured hair is very in right now. That sexy right out of bed looking fabulous look is hot and there are many ways to achieve this year round.
Salt spray is the quickest and easiest way to get this just came off the beach look. Make sure hair is slightly damp.  Spray your choice of salt spray in evenly without over soaking the hair. Comb thru and set hair to desired parting, twist hair in to large twists with fingers allow to dry naturally or with a diffuser. Do not touch or play with your hair until it is fully dried or you will develop a lot of frizz. Once dry shake hair out for a relaxed summery look.
A second way to achieve this look is using hot tools. This will take a little longer, but will give you a more polished look, this is perfect for that Victoria’s Secret look for a date. Find a styling cream or texture paste that you like and work through damp hair evenly. Dry hair with a large round brush giving height at the root and smoothness around the face. Once your hair is completely dry, take large sections and freehand wrap them around a hot curling iron, clipless irons are perfect for this, until you have completely your entire head. Leave the ends from being curled for an even less structure look. Spray with a light hold hair spray and shake out to your liking.
Lastly the most permanent option would be to have waving service done by your stylist. Waving and curling services have come so far and there are actually wraps that can be done that are called Beach Wraps. These new waving services are gentle on the hair and very effective in creating great texture. This will give you permanent beachy waves Victoria’s Secret style from morning to night, all year round.  These will require a strand test, consultation, and not all hair will be suitable, but for those committed to this awesome look is is a great option.image image-1

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