About Cristiano Cora


The first Cristiano Cora Studio in New York is the realisation of a dream that began thirty years ago in Venice, Italy, where as a child Crisitano learned from and was inspired by his mother, a talented hair stylist. Moving to London in the 1980’s Cristiano trained and worked at Vidal Sassoon where he stayed for twenty years first working in London, then Los Angeles and finally New York, reaching the level of Creative Director of the company. This experience, his passion for his craft and the desire to push forward the art of hair cutting has created an artist with a unique vision for hair design and care, that has reached its full expression in the Cristiano Cora Studio.


3 responses to “About Cristiano Cora

  1. Elizabeth Sheehan

    In reading an article in the Orlando Paper about your free haircut program it truly touched me. Nothing gives a person a bit more confidence and esteem then the feeling of a new hair cut,and the first thing to go when unemployed are those same two feelings.
    Thank you for being one of those great humans out there in this big old world, a world full of not so nice humans at times….You make others feel special, may you feel special as well.
    God bless each and everyday…..

  2. Is this program still active? Where in Orlando can one get a free haircut? I run an organization in Orlando for professionals, it’s called ProNet Career Resources (www.pronetcareerresources.org) and I’d like to make my members aware of this wonderful place that offers free haircuts.

    • THank you for your interest but after 8 months of giving free hair cuts to the un-employeed we here at Cristiano Cora studio are taking a break. I can not tell you in Orlando where you can get a free haircut. Best of luck in your search.

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