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Spring Inspiration: Ethereal Beauty by Kelly Rowe … I LOVE HAIR!!!!


Spring seems to have finally arrived. Spring is a time of delicate blooming of flowers and everything coming back to life. Take a cue from the blossoming world around and wear a ethereal style. Loose braids, hair ornaments such as hair wraps, ribbons, bands, and flowers, soft highlights, and an overall look of feminine beauty are a great direction to go for spring.


The best part about this hot spring trend is the styling of it is very easy to achieve at home because the whole point is for it to look not perfect. Perfectly coifed hair, slicked back styles, and stronger cuts are great for winter, spring is a time to loosen things up, in prep for the upcoming summer where we can just let our hair do whatever we want, and that in its own way is a great hairstyle.


Great styling products to achieve these looks are light oils such as Marula oil, this is lighter than the natural oils of the hair and allows the hair to stay smooth while still giving movement, and without weighing the hair down. Make sure that you have a great flexible hold hair spray, this will allow you to keep your style all day without hardening the style.


Braids are the easiest way to perfectly achieve and ethereal style. I personally love fishtails they can be maneuvered into either tight or loose looks, and look great on just about everyone. I also love hair bands made out of braids they look very feminine. If you need help learning how to do these braids have a stylist show you or have your stylist set your hair for a night out or a perfect brunch. Also, ask your stylists about adding a few highlights to brighten the overall look.


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