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“Good Enough” Is Not Enough. By Ericka Rosero. I Love Hair!

Life doesn’t always go the way we expect it to.  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that will be “good”, but not necessarily what will make us happy.

Most of the time it is easiest to settle with what we’ve had and go on without facing the fact that change is necessary to take us to true happiness.  Nobody ever said change in life is easy, but the rewards you get if you do it are worth the effort.

Once you are ready to truly take control of your life you are no longer willing to settle for “good enough”.

The truly happy people out there are not the ones that had everything handed to them.  They are the ones who refuse to settle.  They are the ones who never stopped trying no matter how hard things got.

The ones who proudly stand up, and have the courage to make changes and say, “I will not settle for good enough” are the ones who succeed.

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“Their Vanity Is Stronger Than Their Misery”. By Roger Garcia. I Love Hair!

During the four-day menswear preview showings in Milan for summer 2013, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Prada all shined. And it is my great pleasure to recap all the upcoming trends that these fashion icons have displayed.

Donatella Versace definitely gave an amazing show opening with a bare chested male model rocking a gilded warrior belt, wrestling trunks and high-laced sandals. Throughout the whole show there were many men wearing these amazing t-shirts and beautiful crafted tunics with amazing embroidery. She perfectly matched wrestling trunks with these beautiful leather sandals. Just as well finished some of her looks with Roman inspired boxer robes as if to suggest wearing one of these as on overcoat. An idea I’m simply thrilled about!

Miuccia Prada definitely is the definition of beautifully crafted Italian men’s sportswear. The looks all seemed to have a play on a simple white band that defined the amazing construction of the beautiful pieces. The white band made its appearance on most of her pieces including t-shirts, shirts, jackets and overcoats. As the show went on the band started to get wider and change color. Which produced an amazing two-tone effect for the simple yet necessary polo shirts or the lapel of a jacket. All the while as footwear the amazingly designed flat leather sandal also sported the simple white band as a cross strap.

“Their vanity is stronger than their misery”, a quote from G. Tomasi di Lampedusa, Sicilian author of “The Leopard”, was the quote printed on the invitation of the Dolce & Gabbana show. Their take on simplicity was matched with the 3 month long casting in which the creative duo decided to cast real men. All of the men ranging from the age of 12 to 43, seemed so at home with their simple trousers white t-shirts and black baseball hats. Which I think is a true testament to the direction the duo seems to be going. Shorts are still huge and really becoming the everyday uniform, paired with silk shirts, linen, light wools, and chiffon. And just as with Versace and Prada, the look is completed with beautifully crafted leather sandals.

I remember one of the first shows I truly appreciated was an Alexander McQueen show in which he cast both males and females from different walks of life, and adorned their beautiful bodies in his amazing threads.

There’s something that’s just all out amazing about seeing REAL people in these amazing fashions, we are after all the consumer. In my opinion being able to identify and relate with a designers complete vision captures me, completely!

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H2 Oh My! By T.S. I Love Hair!

In the hot summer days to come there will be much sweating done.  And with that sweating, there will be a loss of hydration.

The past couple days have proven to us just how brutally hot the weather can and will get.  (Last night when I went to bed, I didn’t even bother getting under the covers.)

I read up to see just how much water “the experts” say we need and discovered that for a healthy adult woman to stay hydrated, she should drink 91 ounces of water a day.  For a healthy adult male, he should drink 125 ounces.

Obviously, we know that drinking water keeps us hydrated in the sweltering heat.  What you may or may not know is that drinking water also helps with digestion, flushes out toxins, lubricates joints, keeps our memory sharp and leaves our skin soft, clear, supple and radiant.

They included that, although it isn’t healthy to chug cups and cups of coffee, tea or sugary drinks, they are included in the daily requirement.

With all the sweating you may by doing, you might want to toss back an extra few glasses of water.  (Be careful as well.  Drinking too much water can drown you internally.)

Keep that BPA free water bottle at your side and keep that skin and hair healthy and hydrated folks!  It’s going to be a hot and sweaty summer!

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Cascading Curls. By Roger Garcia. I Love Hair!

I am simply fascinated by the appeal that Veronica Lake styled waves have been greatly duplicated in the past couple of months.  This particular type of wave set is truly versatile in every sense.  Though it’s hard to imagine really pulling this look off, I’d like to think the creative geniuses over at Prada wouldn’t have made it possible to style every model with the retro hairstyle of it weren’t conceivable to the every day woman.

The retro hairstyle begins with a dramatic and exaggerated side part. The first wave, though large is very important.  Making sure that volume is minimal and that there is truly smoothness and sleekness is sometimes an issue most women run into.  Using a lightweight blowdry lotion or even an awesome heat protectant before you blowdry can ensure that many of those fly-aways stay put.

Continuing through, a simple 1 1/2 to 2 inch curling iron barrel can really do the rest of the work.  Take a horseshoe section from ear to ear and take moderate sized vertical sections.  Be careful not have the heat on high it is very easy to wind up with stiff pageant curls.  After having curled take a wide tooth comb and slowly separate and set the curls into a continuous S formation.

You want to make sure not to over comb the hair, as it is very easy to end up with a frizzed out mess.  After you’ve succeeded just hairspray and walk out the door.

I also have to mention that if you can get your hands on some medium sized metal duck billed clips it will make your job a lot easier when you decide to hairspray.  Mainly to ensure that the beautiful wave holds up and that you do not lose the lustrous S formation.

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UV Workin’ It! By Roger Garcia. I Love Hair!

It seems like summers just beginning, and already so many New Yorkers are ready to go with their base tans.  I myself am guilty of loving to lie out on a beautifully manicured lawn or sun deck.  But are we even considering what the amazing sun is actually doing to our hair?

Much like over exposure to sunlight can cause skin to have premature brown spots, lose elasticity, and sometimes even cause skin cancer, over exposure to direct sunlight without proper protection from harsh UV rays can cause some crazy damage to our luscious locks.

There are many ways to make sure you’re taking proper action against sun damaged, brittle ends and weird fadage.

The first would probably be to explore on the shampoo and conditioner frontier.  There are so many products out right now that actually have an amazing form of sunscreen mixed in to protect your hair throughout the day.

Now if your an active kind of gal or guy, and shampoo everyday to every other day, I would recommend picking up a really good leave in conditioner mist.  There are many of these conditioners out there that literally feel weightless on your hair regardless of how many times you apply.  Carry the product in your bag and a good sign of when to apply is when you feel your skin is in direct contact with sunlight for over 20 minutes, mist away.  Carry it with you everywhere and you’ll be sure to prevent excess dryness and brittleness to your ends.  Also, keep in mind that if it’s a really good conditioning mist, it’ll also hydrate your skin.  Which means carry it everywhere you go this summer!  Happy Tanning!

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Prepare For Summer! By Sai. I Love Hair!

Summer is around the corner.  Everyone is waiting for the nice warm (hot) sunny days to come, so they are starting to plan their beach trips, vacations, outdoor BBQs, or nice pool hang outs.

Many people tend to forget about their hair all through out the summer, and try to take care of the damage after the summer is over.  So, before preparing for the summer, let’s prepare for your hair first.

You can get a nice trim that will prevent your hair from getting major split ends.  Helping that, you can also try a conditioning treatment in between beach visits to rehydrate your hair and keep your hair looking its freshest and healthiest.  Another way to help protect your hair is to spray it with UV protection while you’re enjoying the nice weather outside.

Just like you would do with your skin, a little bit of care for your luscious locks prevents damage from the sun.  Your hair needs it just as much as your skin.  Give it love too!

To book a hair appointment or complimentary consultation, call Cristiano Cora @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!

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Get the Solution! By Roger Garcia. I Love Hair!

Breakouts happen to the best of us.  It’s only normal to get a whitehead here or there.  Many things we hardly even notice in our day-to-day routine cause these little monsters to come up at the worst times.

Living in the NYC area, the air itself is filled with so many toxins.  It’s a surprise we don’t have many more breakouts.  I know what you’re thinking…  I use a cleanser; I moisturize, and use sunblock!!  Is that enough?

Consider what your putting on your hair.  There are many products out that definitely get the job done, giving the strongest hold imaginable, and an infinite supply of shine.  Yeah, it’s all great for your hair at that moment, but when you go to cleanse your hair, are you really getting it all out?

Some store bought products take multiple shampoos to truly get all the ick and residue out.  But, sometimes due to a busy lifestyle we think it’s all really cleansed.  Here begins the craziness.  Your head hits the pillow with these excess residues and oils, as your sleeping when your skin is rejuvenating, and trying to squeeze out any impurities.  You toss and turn, causing that once amazing product to really do some damage.  This excess product on your pillow can actually clog pores, as I said before this is when your skin is really taking in the most oxygen and really healing itself (this is why night creams are really effective).

A couple of great solutions to this problem are periodically changing your pillowcases.  Also, you can try using a clarifying shampoo once a week.  It really gets the job done removing product build up, and completely refreshes your scalp and hair.  I suggest using it along with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

To book a hair appointment or complimentary consultation, contact Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!

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