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A Quick Fix to Frizzy Hair. By Thea Derecola. I Love Hair!

A quick fix to frizzy hair is a keratin smoothing treatment.

I know there is a lot of bad press about keratin hair treatments, however, when done correctly, you won’t be disappointed.

This is how it works:

The treatment is called a keratin treatment because it is keratin based.  Keratin is a protein found naturally in our hair.  The treatment can fill in gaps in the hair cuticle that are cracked, dry or damaged.  It is mixed and applied to the hair and sealed with a flat iron. The formula helps hold the keratin molecules together, which straighten your hair and keep it that way.

The results of keratin based treatments last two to two and a half months. The treatment takes about ninety minutes or longer. The prices rise and fall with the length of your hair, but average about $300.

Maintenance:  No washing for 72 hours because the solution takes that long to work.

Color:  Get the color after the keratin treatment, it helps seal it in.

Soft, wavy silky hair is just a day away.

To book an appointment or a complimentary consultation, contact Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!


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Buzz Buzz, Ring Ring. By Ericka Rosero. I Love Hair!

Technology has changed our lives in so many different ways.  If you look in the medical field, the advances have allowed doctors to treat diseases that were otherwise fatal.

Technological advances have increased response time for emergency personnel and have allowed them to trace the call.

And for those who love to shop, the Internet is a field of dreams.  We can purchase everything we can think of without leaving the comfort of our home, and sometimes even get better deals.

When the Internet was made public, that was the best thing that happened to us.  However, technology does have a downside.  Since more items contain computers, they’ve become more costly.  It has also allowed high-jackers to steal identities and damage our lives.

Most of all, I believe it has caused interaction to decrease tremendously between people.

These days, sitting around the table, we all have our cell phones, or ipods, or laptops out and hardly look at or talk to each other.  I find this to be one of the biggest effects that the increase in technological knowledge has had on society.

I feel in the end, it really depends on if you want to focus on the good or the bad.

Overall, in my opinion, although we may be a little less in touch with one another, it has done great for the business and health world tremendously.

To book an appointment or complimentary consultation, contact Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!

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It’s Up To You, New York New York. By Timothy Stilson. I Love Hair!

It’s amazing to me how quickly time flies.  Five years have come and gone since I moved to the city that never sleeps (although, I have witnessed it to get very quiet.  Time Square at three in the morning is more of a spectacle than during the day when it’s crammed full of people), and in that five years, I’ve seen and heard amazing things.

One of my favorite qualities of NYC, above everything else is its culture.  Every part of the world can be found on this 23 square mile slab of schist, marble and gneiss.  From the Italian and Chinese neighborhoods below Houston, to the Dominicans up in Washington Heights, to the Greeks of Queens, to the Russians of Coney Island, every part of the world is representing right here in New York.

With its amazing diversity, and its beautiful people comes the food.  Now, I am no pushover when it comes to food.  Pizza, pasta, curries, noodles, pastries.  I love it all.

I, myself, live in a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is predominantly Caribbean.   I haven’t tried the food yet, but I’m anxious to do so.

Another thing I love about Manhattan is that there is always something to do.  I love art and theater, and haven’t been disappointed yet by the museums and shows I’ve been to.

This city stirs something inside, and holds on.  When I go home to Maine to visit family, and then come back, I feel like I’m coming back to a part of me that was removed.  (Don’t get me wrong.  I do love my home in Maine very much.)

You live here, and maybe you struggle sometimes, and the city chews you up and spits you out, and the people can be loud and rude and crazy, and you get away to catch your breath, and you come back, and you’re reminded of the amazing beauty of the city’s people and its cultures, and its opportunities, and it still feels so amazing.

The soul of the city is all of these things, and they make New York New York.

To book an appointment or complimentary consulation call Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!

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Let Your Style Make You Happy! By Sai. I Love Hair!

Recently, I have had clients coming to me saying, “I’m sorry, my hairstyle is boring” when we have their consultation.  I always correct them saying, “It’s not boring, it’s classic or ‘simple’, and that’s ok.  But are you happy with it?”  If they’re not, I find out what will make them happy, and fix it as best I can.

I myself don’t think there is any “boring” style/hairstyle.  I feel your style should reflect your lifestyle, your personality and your taste.  If your hair doesn’t fit that criteria, can you, and do you want to change that?

Style always comes and goes, ever changing.  What was in years ago, you will see in the latest issue of fashion magazine.

Some people follow what’s “in” with style.  Some people follow what they like or “need”.

The important thing is wearing what you love and feeling you can express yourself wholly.  If you love bright colors, wear bright colors.  If you like to wear your hair funky, do that.  Be yourself completely and don’t worry about whether or not it’s what’s “in”.  Life is meant to be used to find happiness.



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